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built, but i have to say thank you to -- it was weird. the morning of january 2nd, i talked to you. >> yes. >> you said when are you coming back? i said, well, i'm on my way to miami to get a root canal. i've never had a root canal before, and you said, oh, it's a piece of cake. i've had three of them. >> yeah. >> i think you said i've had a mouth full of them or something like that. >> yeah. >> i go to my doctor, dr. larry rosenthal had suggested -- he suggested. i want to thank these two lovely gentlemen. dentist had to see me first to make sure i needed it, and that was dr. jorge blanco, and i hope he is watching right now. and the second one, he said, yes, indeedy, you need it, and you better go. so that afternoon i went to dr. joe baros. both of them in south florida. if you need a good cleaning, baby, that's -- or you need a new smile or you need a -- >> what is that? >> that's the drill. that's the drill. >> i hate that sound. >> i know.
2:06 am
they're both adorable. why is everybody in south florida gorgeous? >> everybody is hot. >> by the way, miss making the papers in miami while you were gone. >> very big. very important. >> in the people section of the "miami herald" is a picture of -- >> the day i was getting drilled. it's a tiny, tiny. >> kathie lee, frank, and bambino dancing at alabama jack. >> love alabama jack's. i'm sorry. this is the -- once in a while we like to see a nice cute picture of yourself. not since i turned 30, though, i don't. this one i'm so grateful is little because i tell you, for two weeks i didn't wear makeup, i didn't wear spanx. i pulled my hair back. didn't have color. i -- >> you know what you do have? >> i didn't care. >> you have your dancing face on. >> oh, my gosh. i get down there in the keys, and i could -- >> no, no. not this again. we already played this. oh, no.
2:07 am
>> i didn't even know anybody was -- that's the trouble. >> indeed. >> why didn't i think about the fact that people are going to -- in today's world are going to be doing this to you. that's the only song i know, and they're so sweet. ♪ crazy i always forget the words. you only sing the song one time a year. >> who are you singing with you? >> i wish i could remember her name. she's adorable. she's married to one of the guys in the band. alabama jack's. i'm telling you. they're on emiril's new show. down in the keys. there are people who come from all over the country to go to alabama jack's because it's a harley biker place, but it's -- they have the best -- on sundays the band comes, and everybody -- the ladies wear their little dresses. i've told you about it for years. i don't know what it is. the older i get, i would rather go to alabama jack's every day of my life than the finest so-called restaurants in the world. there are real people hanging out. you know, the music is fun. they let you bring bambino.
2:08 am
she's just up at the table with us, and he has his little chicken. all the help comes, and they all go, hey, bambino. they slap him five. it's fun. >> you know what's weird, this time of year i was walking up here, and they started to take down the christmas tree. they're taking down the lights. i think it's premature. i don't know why people walk up. they see it. it's beautiful. it's lit. it makes them happy. >> i'm one of those people that thinks when it's over, it's over. >> it's not. look at my christmas tree. i just took this yesterday at my apartment. mine is not coming down until its pine needles in a pile because let me tell you why i like it. the lights are l.e.d. so they don't make it hot. all the ornaments are cute, and i like when i wake up it still smells like pine scent. at night i water it, and then it sucks it up and it's still there. why would we take it down? >> why don't you -- instead of the mess and everything you're going to have, why don't you get a phony tree and dot pine smell. that's the way you were raised. a phony tree. >> i like this one. i'm into it.
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i like -- when i plug it in, it makes me feel good. >> you were gone -- you were off in the maldese for most of the holidays. >> by the way, everybody is getting the flu. >> i know. we had it over the holidays. >> it's a weird thing. i got the kind with the chills and the fever and the achy, but i just plopped down on the beach and didn't care. cody's was what -- >> like yours, but now they have that tamiflu, so he took that within 24 hours of the symptoms, and it really lessened it for him. it was either that or it was my home cooking because, you know, how it is with my kids. i only cook on thanksgiving, and -- >> he broke out the tam. >> i think we have some pictures. >> oh, no, you didn't. >> that's lovely. >> was it night? what are you cutting? that doesn't even go to anything. >> i don't know. i don't know. that's just -- it's a news breaking event because it happened to rarely.
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>> oh, my gosh. there's the plate. >> you know what, it's so funny to do that the normal stuff that normal people do and then my son was sick and laying on the couch and he wanted his back rubbed, i mean, it's -- you know, when they're 22 years old and they're 6'4" and they don't really like you much, the fact that they want their mother again is -- i'm just going to steal those moments when i can. >> can i tell you, i'm thirsty. >> well, we have a dilemma. >> we have a big dilemma. >> have you ever really regretted something in your life? i'm not talking about -- i'm talking about something really, really -- this is going to be -- if we can earn it -- our last glass for a little while because tomorrow is the beginning of a very tough month for us. >> "ladies home journal" asked us to give up drinking for one month. i think we should opt for february, the short month. >> i thought we did. that was the deal. we were on the cover of the february issue, but -- >> we're going to show it to you tomorrow. since -- so starting tomorrow,
2:11 am
tuesday, is the day that we stop drinking. so, anyway, we decided we are going to have one glass. this is the contraption. it's called a -- what is it? it's some kind of a wine puzzle. >> i never did like him to begin with, and now i hate his guts. he created this wine puzzle. >> let's try to get it here. >> you give it a try first. now, that's not going to work because of that. no, no, no. wait, wait. >> uh-huh. >> yes, indeed. >> you just go like that. >> that's not going to fit through there. >> it will fit through here.
2:12 am
>> look. >> oh. >> look what i'm doing. look what i'm doing. >> now what happened? >> oh. wait, wait. >> how does it work? oh, i know. push it right through. not going to go through there. >> no, no, nope. starting to twitch. better hurry. here's what we do. >> don't cut it. work on it. >> let's see. nope. >> there you go. >> now, do we have a cork screw? why don't we just -- do you have one -- >> the reason that god made jerry, among others. how much do we miss you, jerry. did hoda do it? >> i took the paper off. >> yeah. >> thank you, jerry. >> thank you, jerry. >> tomorrow i think we're going to do a whole show. this is available at t.j. maxx. whatever is fastest. thank you, jer. >> tomorrow i'm doing an all workout show, you guys. we did one a couple of years ago. you got that. we're going to do the whole entire show on exercise bikes, on elypticals, on stair masters, and we did it last year. >> we made it through. we had a little reward at the end of it. >> i know. >> no more. >> thanks, jer. >> cheers. cheers to the end. >> not the end. for a month. >> a lot of people are starting this. it's a new year, and they're all trying to cut back in any ways
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they can, and so we'll see if it works. we're not weighing in or anything anymore, right, pam? >> no, no, no, no. once is enough for that. >> you got a big, big thing coming up, hoda woman. your book comes out a week from tomorrow. >> it does. on the 15th. anyway, we decided we were going to do something interesting. the book is called "ten years later." you take a significant event in someone's life, they won the lottery, lost a loved one. you fast forward ten years, and we asked people to send in pictures of the biggest -- of ten years ago to see how they've changed and evolved, and the winner gets to have lunch with us. did i tell you? >> no. >> anyway, that's what they get. go to the one before that. >> hopefully it's not during february. >> these are some befores and of afters. she's holding her child, and now i guess her child is 10, and that's him sitting on her lap there. there are some old pictures of -- >> we need to get one of you ten years later. i didn't show you the one. i wonder if mine is still in there.
2:14 am
do we still have that one? you're going to be shocked. >> is that when you had big hair and a few lb's. those years in mississippi. a dark chapter. >> no, no. >> which was worse? which is worse? you decide. >> no. come on. >> and, by the way, the guy next to me who had his arm around me was hot. i attracted a hottie. with that lid and those extra lb's. anyway, go to our website. >> was he drunk? >> he was not. he was happy. okay? >> what do you do? send a picture. all right. favorite things. you guys know i wear this forward ring. it's a breast cancer ring. we sell it at the nbc experience store for $5. >> the money goes to -- >> yeah, to the komen foundation. >> usually it goes right to nbc universal. that's important to note. >> we've made some new things. these are all some other jewelry. this is another -- this is a forward ring that is metal, and then there's a necklace and a key chain. >> beautiful.
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>> the money goes to breast cancer research and things, so it's a nice little cause. >> it's a lovely thing. i'm wearing my jen miller today because she's coming on in a little bit. >> to talk jewels. >> to talk joolry so you can redo an outfit with jewelry. sarah. >> happy new year. those forward things are great because sam has asked about those all the time, and now it comes in a little blinged out necklace, i saw. i mean, that's one of my favorite things today is this hourglass lip gloss called ignite. people always asks what mary uses on us. it's a nice neutral shade that i love. >> everything that they make we love. >> yeah. i love their eyebrow pencil. >> it's amazing. yeah. they're really great. >> they're great. >> you have a fan of the week. you are busy. >> i sure do. our reader this week lisa maxwell from cookville, tennessee. >> i love when they -- >> she watches us on wsmv channel 4. her and her little daughter sloan start out each day with a healthy dose of exercise and some fourth hour. one of her favorites is the i-todaya lists because it gives
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her workout music so whether it's cardio or yoga, she gets a great mix of music. she's such a big fan that she decided to deck the halls for the fourth hour. that's a tree you can leave up year-round, hoda. >> yeah. >> wow. >> so the big congratulations to lisa. we are sending you to salt lake city, utah. >> nice. >> you and a guest will enjoy a three-night stay salt lake's triple-a five star getaway. daily breakfast, dinner, massages, and round trip airfare for two. >> look how pretty that is by night. >> all the accommodations provided by the grand america hotel. >> awesome. how was your holiday? great? >> it was great. it always goes by too fast. >> i had a root canal. really fun to talk about. >>ure right. you win. >> hollywood's funniest actress. >> we love her. >> betty white is here. >> we have all your celebrity buzz, but, first, these messages. >> is he one of the most powerful names in hollywood, and she always gets the last laugh. at 90, the seven-time emmy winner betty white is far from
2:17 am
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>> betty is back with season two of her hidden camera prank show "off their rockers" which premiers tomorrow night on nbc, and she reveals some big news for special guest kim kardashian. take a look. >> hey, betty. what are you doing? >> i was just researching my family tree, and i was delete lyghted that you and i were distant cousins. >> really? >> oh, you know what that means. now i'm just one step away from your boyfriend. you kardashians share everything, right? >> back off, betty. >> oh, a family feud. i just love being a kardashian. >> hi. >> we're so happy to start our new year off with you, betty. you are our favorite lady in the whole planet. >> well, what a lovely thing to start off the new year with you guys.
2:20 am
>> did you take a break at all over the holidays? i mean, you're the hardest working woman in show business. >> if you love what you do, it's not work. you know? >> confucius said that. and you dated him once. >> yes, i did. the ridiculous thing is you don't expect at this age -- ail be 91 in, what, two weeks. >> who is counting? >> yeah. you don't expect to still be not only working, but being asked to work. >> i love the twist on your show because we've loved your show from the beginning, but now you're bringing in these celebs. you brought kim kardashian in. you brought the gangnam style guy in. psy. i think we have a clip of that too. what's that like bringing those guys into the mix? look at you. >> you go, girl. you got the moves. let's see. oh, oh, uh-huh. >> there is no fool like an old fool. i love it. >> lucky i didn't have that -- i almost --
2:21 am
>> are you shooting that at your own home, or is that a set? >> no, that's a set. >> that's a set. would you allow people like in in your real home? >> my golden retriever would take a dim view of that. >> how many animals do you have? >> one. just one. >> but you take care of thousands? >> no, i work with them all the time, and that's my real -- i have to stay in show business to pay for my animal habit. >> i know. you worked with another party animal, regis. how is the love affair going with him on "hot in cleveland" with regis, your love affair with regis on hot in cleveland? >> it's not a love affair. we just had at each other. >> there is a difference between love and sex, isn't there? >> there is. i can't remember what it is. >> do you have time for other projects, because you are doing "hot in cleveland" and "off the rocker."
2:22 am
you have a lot going on. is there anything else that's brewing? >> well, we just -- our eighth book just came -- you know, just published. >> what's that? >> they're republishing "leading ladies." it's a big -- keeps you busy, but it's great. it really is great. >> but when you do have a little time off, what is your -- like the idea of a perfect betty white day that's away from any cameras and any show business? >> staying home. >> with your golden. >> and doing what? >> i don't answer the phone, for one thing, and -- but i have a beautiful home up in carmel, and you shouldn't have a beautiful home in carmel if you can't get to it. so i finally got up there over the new year's holiday when my dear friends tom sullivan and his wife. so that was great. >> now, who else is up there, doris day. and she's up there with her animals and stuff. >> oh, doris has -- doris has millions of cats and dogs. she takes good care of them.
2:23 am
she's wonderful. >> you know what, betty, we know your birthday is coming up, and you're going to be 91 in a couple of weeks. the 17th of january? >> 17th. >> we decided it was time to bring a little celebration to you. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> we had to get special permission from the fire marshall. >> oh, isn't that -- >> we got a hot fireman for you, betty. >> happy birthday. >> look at the cake. >> oh, that's wonderful. >> it's not that cold. we could have kept warm over here. >> shall we? >> shall we attempt? >> sure. >> let me take this from you. >> thank you, darling. there we go. >> all right. we can't sing happy birthday because that's too expensive, but -- >> you can get them all lit. >> we're lit enough. we got the fire marshall behind us. one, two, three.
2:24 am
it could take a week. >> thank you, big boy. >> happy birthday, betty. >> we love you, betty. >> betty white's "off your rocker" starting tomorrow night. better than downtown abbey, i'm telling you. justin bieber's reaction to controversial photos. that and more with all your hollywood buzz. god bless you, betty white. you are an american treasure. >> come back and see you. >> who is that? frank or regis? s more than a pa. it's long, hard days, late nights, and missed little league games. you've worked hard to earn your money. and we think you should have the power to keep as much of it as possible. we have tax experts to answer your questions. we'll back you and support you. because a dollar here, a dollar there-- every dollar is more important when it's yours. turbotax-- the power to keep what's yours. try it free at
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. >> reality stars like honey boo bo to hollywood legends like cher, we have all the celebritying writ scoop you may have missed over the weekend. >> a british star whose name is tom holland, and he will tell us about his new movie that's getting a lot of attention. >> that's motivation to finally lose those extra added pounds
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>> that's my song. >> this is another one of hoda's songs. we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday. it's time for today's buzz where we get the buzz out of hollywood. >> justin bieber's scandalous party pics to bethenny frankel's divorce. the always naughty but nice "huffington post" columnist rob has all the gossip. >> hello to you, darling. >> we open the papers today, and we saw some pictures of dina lohan, lindsay's mom from a long time ago. >> there's a big scandalous interview that she did today. a big tell-all. she actually claims the reason lindsey is messed up, the reason lindsey is the way she is because she witnessed a lot of abuse, a lot of domestic abuse when she was young. we've reached out to michael lohan to get his side of the story. he hasn't responded, but he did tell "the daily news" that this
2:32 am
isn't the way that he sees what happened in the past. >> there are photos of her with some black eyes. >> she's the one alleging that -- first of all, if you are being repeatedly abused, get out and spare your children the sight of that. there are places can you go. the other thing is no matter what happened between them as a couple, she at some point -- they're all -- everybody's family eventually has to take responsibility for their own actions. >> correct. >> current actions. don't go club about your kids until 4:00 in the morning. >> which she has been doing over the holidays. today lindsay is in court here in new york about the assault charge allegation that happened here. some people are wondering bets b what's going to happen. >> justin bieber, this was kind of a surprising picture. there's a photo that tmz had. if you look closely it looks like he is smoking something. >> tmz claims he is smoking marijuana in this picture. >> he is holding something. >> he is holding something in his hand. there's no way you can actually tell what's going on here. however, what's nice news is that a couple of days ago justin
2:33 am
did a concert in utah, and before the concert he went to a hospital to see a young fan of his that has been battling leukemia for three years and -- he does not do this because of these pictures. he has been doing this for a long time. he doesn't tell the press about it. the only reason we know is that they took a picture in her hospital room. she put it on facebook. >> his mom, patty is a dear, dear faithful lady who has raised him under really extraordinary circumstances. >> absolutely. >> he knows what's right and wrong, and he said that -- >> he tweeted. >> yeah. >> he is on the right path. we have nothing to worry about there. >> bethenny frankel. >> she filed for divorce just before the holiday. >> i didn't see that coming, did you? you're friends with her. >> you know, i didn't, but i think you don't ever really know what goes on behind someone else's walls. you don't know. >> several of her friends say she's doing great.
2:34 am
she's filed for divorce. she's working on her new show, and hopefully everything will turn out. her show will be in new york, so at least now her ex jason will get to see the baby because she's not moving to l.a. >> no one seems to know -- why? there usually is a reason for two people to break up a marriage. >> surprisingly, bethenny has been very silent about this. this is somebody that is really welcomed people into her life in the past. she did a show -- >> her talk show is going to be all about her being transparent with people. >> she will find the moment to tell this story, i guarantee you, and it might be on her show. >> wish everybody the best, but it's very sad. >> certainly do. >> hate it when families break up. >> honey boo boo. she has some bank. >> her mom is trying to do the right thing. >> i love this story. she might actually be the smartest lady on reality tv. the mother knows this is not going to last forever. there you go. so the money that they get -- >> and may not survive it. >> from tlc, which is rumored to be $15,000 an episode, that money is going straight into a trust for the daughter. >> the baby bottle. >> yeah.
2:35 am
basically she said she doesn't want to be like those -- she wants to be smarter than all those other reality moms. >> it's going to be a trust. they can't touch it until they're 21. >> unless they need it for medical reasons. >> the movie this weekend "the texas chainsaw massacre" was seriously number one? >> seriously number one. >> does that upset anybody else as much as me? >> i can't believe it's beating everything out there. >> i saw "hyde park on the hudson where the king of england comes to visit america. it is fantastic. fantastic. >> oh, good. >> thank you, rob. >> we love. did you see "downtown abbey" last night? we're going to talk about it tomorrow. >> he has been called a breakthrough actor who is getting oscar buzz for his role in films. need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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the new film "the impossible" is based on a real family's experience during the 2004 tsunami that struck thailand. >> tom holland plays lucas, the eldest of three children who was swept up in the tidal wave along
2:40 am
with his mother, played by naomi watts, and his father played by ewan mcgregor. take a look. >> the boys! >> lucas! >> dad! >> oh. oh. >> wow. >> that looks terrifying. >> that's the word. >> it's very realistic. welcome, by the way. this is your first national -- >> this is my first tv show. >> we will be very kind and sweet to you. we're not always, but with you we will be. >> thank you. >> it's interesting, because this film is out, and it's -- you're already getting a lot of buzz, a lot of accolades. were you expecting -- were you expecting this? >> not at all. i mean, i was always -- i always knew that the film was going to do well because of how hard everyone was working and from watching the dailies and stuff like that, but i never knew that i would be here sitting in this room. last i was at the palm springs film festival that was great. i got to present naomi with an award, and then i'm at the national board of review.
2:41 am
it's all doing really well, and i'm excited. >> you were 13 at the time you shot the movie. you are 16 now. >> 16 now. >> in those interim years you know i have a big picture coming out. uh-huh. but you can't really say anything about it, right? >> no. >> are you prepared for how this is perhaps going to change your life? >> i don't know. i mean, it already has completely changed my life. >> in what way, sweetie? >> in ways like i'm flying to los angeles to meet some of the most amazing people in the world every two weeks. obviously there is the whole thing about being recognized on the street. i've never had that before. >> absolutely. >> that possibly will happen in the next couple of months, but i guess just be -- >> the chicks will get crazy. >> warn you about the chicks. >> i look forward to that. >> we look at that scene, and there's a wall of water coming at you. you actually shot a lot of this in the water. it's not cgi. you didn't make pretend. you were really in the thick of it. what was it like shooting these kind of scenes?
2:42 am
>> well, yeah, that is me -- so there's a shot in the film. the camera is under water, and i was diving above the camera. >> i see. >> that's -- >> how many times would you have to do just that particular thing just for them to give us an idea? >> we probably did that about is four or fife times, but i did it wrong, so i caused them to fly over to barcelona to reshoot it. whoopsy. it was great. it was really good fun. >> were you terrified, tom? >> doing that stunt i -- the first time i did it, i belly flopped. >> you got lots of cuts and bruises, right? >> lot of cuts and bruises. i have a few scars to show for it. i come home prosecute work, and like would be scrub offing the fake cuts and realize that they're real, and then they would have to incorporate them into the film because of continuity and stuff. >> this is a big -- this was the big tsunami in 2004. i remember i covered it for "dateline." how scary it was for people who were there. looking at this footage, i can see how close to life it is. your career, though, you're not a movie guy from the beginning. you started in theater, right? >> started on stage. absolutely. >> billy elliott in london. >> uh-huh.
2:43 am
>> we wish you great luck with your film, with your long runway, your life that's coming ahead of you. >> and with the chicks. >> the hot chicks. >> oh, yeah. nice to meet you. >> your mom who seems very lovely. welcome to her too. >> "the impossible" is in theatres right now. >> what's not impossible is choosing the right accessories to flatter your features, and -- >> guess who is here? >> who would that be? >> jen miller. >> love her. >> right after this. >> good morning. first full week of january. big changes on the way. it's going to start out with a big warm-up across the eastern half of the country and rain expected, not snow this time around, except for the higher elevations of western texas and into new mexico. we'll likely get tom snow here, but ahead of the system, showers and thunderstorms for eastern texas into louisiana. in fact, much of the state and across the southern mississippi valley with a chance ofers and storms later today. pay attention to any warnings that come out. dry for the southeast, a few
2:44 am
light snow showers. we're looking at light scattered snow for the high plains and more weather for the pacific northwest. heavy rain in the cascades. and temperatures cooling off behind that front, only into the 40s. 41 in chicago. 50 in atlanta. we have a big warm-up to these areas coming with each day. in fact, by the end of the week, temperatures will be way above average. that's why it's going to be all rain. this rain will stretch all the way into the great lakes. later in the week it's not going to change to snow. there's not going to be any cold air in place. even on wednesday we're up to 47 in chicago. and along this warm front, a chance of showers and thunderstorms, 65 in louisville. this is going to be our big weather maker with pockets of heavy rain, but much needed rain for a lot of these areas. meanwhile, coming out of the northwest, our next storm will bring snow to the inner mountain west and all the way down into places like salt lake city, colorado's high country and up into billings, montana.
2:45 am
our storm by friday starts to move into the east and we'll still have rain with it. look how high the rain goes. not typical for january. 57 in chicago. so the jet stream is way up to the north bringing all that mild air up. and that's going to be rain versus snow. you can get the very latest weekday mornings. wake up with al, 5:00 a.m. on the weather channel. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours.
2:46 am
that's why i take new trubiotics. it's a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. one helps support digestive health, the other immune health. stay true to your health. new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day.
2:47 am
>> today's style is brought to you by yoplait. learn how to take your look from good to show good with tips from today's style experts. >> it's time for today's style. whether are you trying to hide a little pudge in your belly or you want to show the girls off for a sexy new look, there is an art to accessorizing. >> here to sw us how to do it without doing it too much, you know, doing it overdoing it is -- jennifer miller, founder of jennifer miller jewelry and a doll. i love everything you are all
2:48 am
decked out in. >> thank you, guys. >> hello to you. >> fashion maven. >> when i get dressed, i grab what's there. the earrings that are on the table, the bracelet that's nearby. >> i know. >> don't say anything. >> it usually works out okay. >> if you think about it, you buy a new pair of shoes, and you think that new pair of shoes goes with everything, but it doesn't. it's the same thing with earrings and a necklace. you can't wear -- >> mix it up. show us what we're doing wrong, jennifer. >> i have some really great tricks. >> let's start off with the turtle neck. sometimes a turtle neck, you don't know what to do with it. this is the before picture, and this is kind of the no. what's wrong with what this lovely lady is doing in this before picture? >> let the turtle neck do what it does. it can be slenderizing and slimming, and the turtle neck can also hide the turkey neck a little bit if you've got some issues there. what candace has has put on way too many necklaces, big earrings. we've taken all that off. >> yes. >> we've given her a classic pair of hoops.
2:49 am
think audrey hepburn. >> you'll never go wrong. >> we gave her a classic set of hoops, a diamond accent, and a cuff. she's ready to go. let the turtle neck do what it does. there's no reason to over do. less is best. >> candace, thanks. >> we all have a v-neck, and on the v-neck, who knows what the heck to put there because there's lots of open space. put a big statement necklace, but you say this is a no. this is what she should not be doing. what's wrong here? >> there's a lot of space between here and here. precious real estate. >> right. >> she's got a gorgeous decollete, so why not let her friends show a little bit. let it shine. >> let them shine. >> all right. >> now let's look at her. her decollette is open and shining. >> yes. >> she's -- >> it actually makes her look taller. >> slimmer and longer because we've put a long necklace on her. that's pointing right down to her slim waistline.
2:50 am
>> we know what you're talking about. >> fabulous pair of earrings. >> looks great. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. a lot of people like to dress up in sparkles and stuff, and that's an easy thing to overdo because this is a top or a dress that has this sparkle built in. >> yeah. >> she went a little overboard, you say in this one. >> she looks a little bit like a christmas tree ornament. >> too much happening. >> she bought this dress because it had jewelry built in. there's no reason -- >> i love that. >> i think that's so pretty. >> there's no reason to add sparkle on top of sparkle. >> show us the after. what should she do? >> uh-huh. >> clean it up. >> less is more. we gave her a clean pair of silver earrings instead of sparkly earrings. we took off the necklaces. there's no need for a necklace. the dress has a necklace built in, and we also took off her bracelets because if you look at her wrists, she has cuffs that have sparkles on them. >> so much better. >> a gorgeous cocktail ring. >> looks good. >> adorable. >> thanks, hon. we have time for our last lovely lady. she's a working gal who is trying to mask kind of her belly area. she's got a belt on. she's got a necklace on. she's got -- >> drawing attention to it. >> cassie just had a baby, and she's going back to work, so in this shot, as you can see, she's wearing a jacket covering everything. she's wearing a belt because she
2:51 am
thinks the belt is bringing her waist in, and she's wearing a necklace that's pointing right to her trouble spot. >> show us the after. >> look at that. >> now we're talking. jacket off. step away from the belt. there is no reason to wear a belt. >> i pretty much always take it off after. >> look at the necklace. we put it on her face to draw attention to her face rather than pointing attention straight to her troubled area. >> let's bring all our lovely ladies out. >> thank you, jen. >> great advice. >> i had such a good time. >> exactly. >> we love you, sweetheart. >> all righty, a woman who wants to show off her best assets. our newest joy fit club member that lost 110 pounds, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ i like the way you move ♪ [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night
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2:54 am
>> time now for another tin stall of look at me now,
2:55 am
enjoy fit club. adrian realized she needed to make a lifestyle change when she got tired of feeling defeated and wanted to live a fulfilling life. let's look at her story, which will probably be in hoda's new book. >> hi. my name is adrian crouch. i'm a 24-year-old girl who used to weigh 230 pounds. i started gaining weight at the tender age of 10. as the numbers went up, my quality of life went down. i was alive, but i wasn't living. i didn't realize my weight was a problem until i was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 16 years old. in high school i allowed myself to be bullied into silence. i felt ashamed, worthless, repulsive. i got through the day by painting an obscure smile on my face. i lived behind closed doors and turned to food for comfort. at a whopping 230 pounds i nearly lost all hope until one night in april 2009. i paid close attention to the biggest loser. because of this show i came to terms with my food addiction.
2:56 am
i was inspired, motivated, and more than ready to conquer what seemed like an endless battle. i had to be my own hero. one year later i was 110 pounds lighter and thought that i was automatically destined to lead a happy and healthy life. shortly after i found myself going too far in the other direction. chained to the scale, driving myself crazy with numbers and losing all sense of reality. food was no longer comforting. i was afraid of food until i met a runner in late 2010. i was ultimately convinced to sign up and run my first race and was hooked ever since. now i can proudly call myself a two-time marathoner and an ultra marathoner. i feel like i was in a coma for 20 plus years and i'm finally waking up. >> we're joined now by the leader of the joy fit club, our own joy. >> this is truly a cinderella story.
2:57 am
you heard, she didn't have a lot of friends, she was depressed. she didn't go to her prom. she has blossomed into this beautiful, confident young woman who runs ultra marathons. that's more than 26 miles. >> unbelievable. >> i have this bracelet. she wore this. it says fearless. she put this on at the beginning of her journey, and she wore it throughout the whole entire journey. losing more than 100 pounds. >> good for her. >> what does she cook? >> she really enjoys cooking. i thought this was great take-away for the viewers. when she uses flour now, instead of one cup of all purpose flour, she uses half a cup of all purpose, half a cup of whole wheat. does not change the texture. >> it doesn't? >> it doesn't. it's great. you go half and half. in terms of oil, if it calls for a cup of oil, you can swap in baked goods natural apple sauce. instead of one egg, two egg whites. a lot of things. instead of sour cream, nonfat greek yogurt. >> let's bring her out. we have so to see. this is adrian's before picture. >> all right, let's see the new your. join the joy fit club. ♪
2:58 am
>> oh! >> is that unbelievable? >> hold on. stand right there. let us look at you. wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> she's a bombshell. >> you look awesome. congratulations. >> thank you. thanks. >> how long did it take you to lose it all? >> it took me one year. >> that's amazing. if you think about what can happen in a year of your life. >> when you look at a picture like that on the left-hand side there, what do you think of? do you remember that person? >> i do. she was a very sad girl. >> not anymore. >> the smile on her face was fake, but now i can finally say i'm happy and the smile is 100% real. >> oh, we're so happy for you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i have to give you a hug. >> coming up tomorrow, our special exercise -- oh, my gosh. >> we're going to get -- i feel the flu coming on. >> we're going to work out. we would love you to work out with us. it's going to be on fitness and dieting and everything. >> i feel a little sniffle. have a great fun day monday. it will be a nonbooze day
2:59 am
tuesday. >> day i show. you've gone through a lot. with big news from our first guest. kelly. you're sitting here with one of the biggest smiles. >> i feel like me, and it's so great. jeff: plus, after the ambush adventure, we couldn't resist ambushing her. >> i'm so happy. jeff: former ambushees are back. >> you better work! [ applause ] jeff: hello, hello! [ applause ] hello. roll it! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i worked with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. [ applause ] welcome to the

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